Hong Kong

The first time I visited Hong Kong was with my parents in 1996, just before Britain ceded control of Hong Kong to China. 

Going back 20 years later, looking at the Hong Kong skyline from KowLoon, it doesn’t seem like much has changed. Taking the water bus across from Kowloon to IFC is certainly worthwhile and beats finding the MTR stop (at least in non-peak hours). 

Walking across Central and hitting one restaurant after the other was one of my colleagues great ideas, but mixing the likes of egg tart, Char Siu and fish ball soup in 15 minute intervals makes your stomach feel like a washing machine afterwards.

The best meal of the trip was probably team dinner at one of the fancy dim sum places only a few minutes away from Lan Kwai Fong and the lowpoint was that I realised that a pint beer costs 12 quid in one of the bars (even during happy hours), thank you Brexit!


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